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Philly, Pennsylvania, United States
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'67 mustang convertibles, art, artful sinning, books, coheed and cambria, comedy, craze ass binowens, dante's inferno, djing, doctor fautus, drama, exclamation points, existential pontificating, hedwig, ices zapatero, irony, johannes cabal the necromancer, johnny depp, jpod, kings of leon, languages, laughing, learning, meditation, meeting new people, movies, music, my anarchist buddy john, natalie portman, nyfa, painting, paradise lost, philosophy..., rebellions, revolutions, riots, sarcasm, shopaholic series, shopping, silversun pickups, texting, the dreamers, the gargoyle, the saga, the twin, the used, tripping to somewhere, v for vendetta, whitest kids u'know, writing
Who am I?
I'm just a girl with a lot on her mind before bed-time. And I'm interested in learning about what's on other people's minds and how they see the world. Basically I'm looking for inspiration from the world around me and the people in it.
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